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Using the AirRobo Automatic Cat Litter box could not be easier with 3 button functions; Clean, Litter Change and Litter Flatten. Dispose of waste easily in 2 steps; open waste flap and lift out waste bag. Remote viewing with the AIRPET smart app and keep track of up to 6 cats with data on weight and excretion records. With the AirRobo Cat litter box, this comes with safety protection functions like automatic pause and child lock.

The AirRobo Smart Litter Box takes pet care to the next level. Less daily scooping and more relaxing while your automatic litter box does the hard work for you.


  • Universal use for all kinds of cat litter - Specially designed litter drainage opening, able to effectively filter and separate all kinds of cat litter and clumps
  • Applicable to bentonite mineral litter, mixed litter, crystal cat litter, tofu cat litter (maximum recommended length 15mm), etc
  • Clean/Change/Flatten - 3 buttons settings will clean, change or flatten litter at the touch of a button
  • Low Noise each setting is operated at a safe and low sound level to ensure no disruption in your home
  • WiFi Smart App Control - With the AIRPET app easily check on your cat's movements and health records such as weight and excretion
  • Multi-cat Identification and worry-free management - Integrated Camera with a weighing sensor for the accurate identification of each cat. Up to 6 cats can be added to a single device
  • Low Entry Flap - With a low 12cm flap entry, the litter box is low enough for aging or senior cats
  • 57L Internal Capacity - 5L Litter Tray - Plenty of internal space for cats of all sizes and a large little tray suitable for a range of clumping litters
  • 1200w power consumption
  • 10 integrated high-precision sensors work together to sense environmental changes at all times and care for your cat at every moment. When a person or a cat approaches the device, the device immediately suspends the operation. Child Lock button also helps ensure AirRobo is safe for all the family.
  • No liner is required, however any waste bag can be used no smaller than 46cm x 32cm


  • Overall: W53 x D52 x H55.5cm
  • Flap height entry: 12cm
  • Occupied space: 0.27m2
  • Unit volume:81.8L
  • Space for internal use: 57.6L
  • Maximum amount of cat litter: 4L
  • Maximum days available for litter bin: 2 cats 5 days using
  • Applicability: Recommended for cats over four months old and weighing 1.5kg-20kg
  • Weight: 13kg
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Feeding Guide

Easily dispose of waste by simply lifting the waste bag out (We recommend you dispose & change the waste bag every 2-3 weeks). 


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