Rosewood Naturals Rollin Rodent Sand Bath


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This Rosewood Naturals Rollin Rodent Sand Bath is a clever take on the more traditional metal or plastic sand bath tray, and in our opinion, way more natural and fun! Smaller rodents will love to "wash away" the day's stresses with a roll around in this Rollin' Rodent cooling sand bath.

The bathing box is made from edible board coated in meadow hay. Included in the bathing box is a bag of the special sepiolite bathing sand, which is softer and kinder to your pet's fur and helps to absorb excess oils.


  • RELAXING SAND BATH EXPERIENCE: Our Sand Bath offers smaller rodents like gerbils, hamsters, and degus a delightful way to wash away daily stress, providing a soothing and enjoyable roll in cooling sand while promoting cleanliness and well-being
  • EDIBLE HAY-COATED BATHING BOX: The bathing box is crafted from edible board coated in meadow hay, offering not only a functional sand bath but also a fun and safe nibbling opportunity for your pets, adding an extra layer of entertainment to their daily routine
  • GENTLE & ABSORBENT SEPIOLITE SAND: The sand bath includes 350g of special sepiolite bathing sand, which is softer and kinder to your pet's fur, helping to absorb excess oils and ensuring a gentle and pleasant bathing experience for your furry friends
  • SUITABLE FOR A VARIETY OF SMALL PETS: Designed with the needs of different small rodents in mind, the Rollin' Rodent Sand Bath is perfect for degus, gerbils, Syrian and dwarf hamsters, offering a versatile and engaging activity that caters to a wide range of furry companions
  • HYGIENE & FUN COMBINED: Our Sand Bath not only helps maintain your pet's hygiene and cleanliness, but also provides a fun and interactive way for them to unwind, ensuring a happy and healthy environment for your beloved pets.


Approximate Dimensions: W19 x D12 x H8cm

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