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PRO PLAN Sterilised Adult Dry Cat Food with OPTISENSES Salmon 3kg

PRO PLAN Sterilised Adult Dry Cat Food with OPTISENSES Salmon 3kg

by Pro Plan

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PRO PLAN Sterilised Adult Dry Cat Food with OPTISENSES is a complete dry food scientifically formulated for sterilised or neutered adult cats. The diet provides all the nutrients your cat needs for day-to-day vitality and long-term health. It also includes OPTISENSES™, a nutrient blend scientifically proven to nourish the brain to support the vital senses.

The formula has been expertly balanced to help sterilised cats stay in healthy condition throughout their adult years. The protein, fat and carbohydrate levels have been specially adapted to help maintain ideal body weight in sterilised cats. The crunchy kibble texture is proven to protect teeth from plaque and tartar build-up.

Key Features:

  • Specially formulated to promote healthy kidneys
  • Helps maintain urinary health in neutered cats
  • Helps maintain a healthy body weight

Contents: 3kg bag

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Great cat food
Small pieces which is a great option for lots of cats who's got a small mouth. Great value.
my cat loves this
I was given a bag of this to try. My cat eats both wet and dry food but is fussy. From the moment I opened the bag she came running. She switched with no difficulties. She is obviously content and her fur is soft and healthy. I cannot comment about nutritional effects but label appears balanced. She likes to eat as a treat as well as a meal. You need to be careful with the bag as easy to rip too far so I keep mine in a container. Good job as she would steal it.
My cat loved this!
As soon as I opened this bag my cat started going crazy when I poured some in his bowl he was wolfing it down as if I had given him a treat. He's been going to the toilet regularly and it's not been as smelly. Can safely say if my cat Crumpet could speak he would tell you this is delicious.
Best Dry Food Ever
Thanks to Purina Optisenses my cat started to eat dry food again. She have find her new dry food as tempting that she is happy to eat it even instead of treats. If she refuses to eat her usual wet food I just sprinkle some Optisenses on the top and the food immediately becomes delicious for her. This trick even helps me to save money Ė no more cat food waste. Purina Optisenses is the right dry cat food for us. I love even the bag, because it has an extra holder on the side so it is easier and more punctual to pour. I do not end up with dry cat food everywhere. One more plus point for the resealable grip, which keeps dry food completely fresh and full of aroma. My cat refuses to eat old cat food without tempting aroma. Surprisingly Optisenses contains quite small biscuits Ė I rather call it ďcat riceĒ. Honestly, at first I was a little bit worried that my fussy eater cat would not chew them properly and she will end up with upset tummy. Luckily Purina Optisenses has the right sizes so my cat have not experienced indigestion since she is on her new food. Luckily Purina Optisenses is not just tasty an satisfying but has even unique health benefits. It supports the body and the mind equally well. Thanks to omega 3 fatty acids, arginine, B vitamins and selected antioxidants. I am so happy, because my cat is more active since she eats Optisenses daily. She enjoys her life and indoor cat toys, she plays with us more often and sleeps less. Even her eyes are remarkably more lively.
Great value
Started my youngest on this and she totally loves it. Although she is a fussy eater Iíve found a dry food sheíll enjoy and actually eats the full amount I give her at meal times. Totally worth it.
Nom nom nom
My cat is normally a fussy eater with dry food, but this had her from opening the bag! Loves it! When she's finished her portion she looks at me like Oliver, please can I have some more!! Would definitely recommend.
Great choice for high quality dry cat food
I will start with that our cat doesn't usually likes dry food, so I wasn't very optimistic about it at all. My only hope was that he really likes fish. When I opened the salmon one he instantly loved it. I can only add that the smell was on stronger side but nice. Also great to see 19% content of salmon where other brands barely go over 5%. Recommended by our cat!
Fudge loved this food
My cat loves this food itís amazing smell smaller in size which is better for my cat since trying this food Iíve alre purchased my next bag Iíve recommended it to friends my cat loves it.
Great food great benefits
Cat instantly interested loves it. Great health benefits. Definite winner.
My fussy cat loves it
I seem to have the most fussy cat. Normally we attempt a mix of wet and dry and Iíve spent a fortune trying different food. She is so fussy that even the type of fish can be enough for her to have a sniff and walk away. I was hopeful and really pleased that she started munching away on them and hasnít stopped since. Iím relieved to find something she loves and great value too

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Recommended daily amount (g/day)
Cat Weight Quantity
2-4kg 25-55g
4-6kg 55-80g
6-8kg 80-110g

Feeding quantities required to maintain ideal body condition will vary, depending on age, activity and environment. Watch your cat's weight and adjust food amounts accordingly. Clean, fresh drinking water should always be available. For your cat's health, consult your veterinarian regularly.



Salmon (19%)
Dehydrated Poultry Protein
Maize Gluten Meal
Wheat Gluten Meal
Wheat Fibre
Dried Egg
Animal Fat
Fish Oil


  Analytical Constituents:
Protein: 41%
Fat content: 12%
Crude ash: 7.0%
Crude fibres: 4.5%
Nutritional Additives: IU/kg:
Vit A: 36 000
Vit D3: 1 000
Vit. E: 670
Vit. C: 160
Ferrous sulphate monohydrate: (Fe: 76)
Calcium iodate anhydrous: (I: 1.9)
Cupric sulphate pentahydrate: (Cu:12)
Manganous sulphate monohydrate: (Mn: 36)
Zinc sulphate monohydrate: (Zn: 120)
Sodium selenite: (Se: 0.11)